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Ben McHugh’s The Forest explores a stilled and pared-back aesthetic, with scattered and abbreviated gestures creating a soundscape that is as much about silence as sound. McHugh’s sonic palette takes in not only the sounds of the instrument but also the player, who makes hissing or sshh noises, and later hums and sings sustained notes, whilst holding her line with the bow, creating simple chords.” 


“Ben McHugh’s Ag, by contrast, sustained a more modern angularity throughout, spiced as this was with some quasi-tonal splashes and octaves which kept the listener – and perhaps the composer as well – on edge.”


“Ben McHugh’s piece Eto likewise plays with tradition, this time in the form of a Russian folk song. He plays us a recording of the original first – before Bremner at the organ proceeds to deconstruct and then reassemble elements of the tune.”